Dreams, our windows to truth

Dreams are an indication of the required change from the present state that exists towards the reality that you wish to achieve or obtain. Dreams are wrapped in the desires that permeate the mind but are hidden or disguised due to the many cares of the day. In dreams those desires can be free to express themselves freely, perhaps as metaphors or as indicators to follow.

If the heart can conceive, then the mind comes to believe then whatever you dream has the power to become real. The clear understanding of a dream is obviously paramount before beginning to pursue it; this is why the same dream may be experienced numerous times, until the true essence of its meaning can be fully comprehended.

Day dreams, are ignited by intuition and inspiration, bring true desires to the surface; then the mind has the function of determining or figure out how these will be brought about and made real.

Modern life has so many varied distractions that do tend to occur endlessly, bombarding the mind with numerous options of what to focus upon then pursue. This at times leads to nothing being achieved as one objective is replaced with a newer more interesting one, before the first can be completely achieved.

The choice of whether to follow a dream unceasingly without any distractions from external influences is a personal one; requiring dogged determination and focus. The surface candy of life can be totally hypnotically enticing, causing the attention on a valuable dream to be left to dissipate, then be lost sight of in time.

Dreams experienced at night during sleep then remembered in the morning, or those day dreams that the mind pursues as an escape from or as an alternative to the reality being experienced, all offer a insight into the potential that could actually exist if those dreams are pursued with intent and persistent determination.

Dreams are the windows to the true desires that exist beyond what is obvious, or intuitions that are ignored; they are what the spirit consciousness wishes to be experienced through the achievement of bringing those dreams alive and into reality.

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