Fears come True

All your worst fears have a way of coming true in time if you allow them to. It is the pure thought of these fears that gives them energy, gives them life, that brings them into your reality. Fears can't exist without the focus and energy that is provided by giving credence to them

It is fear that can be your master rather than the other way around; mastering your fears will make anything possible. By placing focused attention of determining how to achieve a goal rather than on the fear of failure itself is the best option to follow.

Fear usually is the chief culprit in stalling many of the things that can be pursued then achieved in life. Those doubts that come to scuttle or delay some intuitive idea or desire to experience or achieve some objective.

Procrastination is driven by that inner fear that leads to the mind flip flopping on an issue that could be pursued; avoiding the necessity to focus on whatever needs to be achieved. Pursuing those elements of life that bring enjoyment and bliss should be the key driving forces to overcome any fear, making it irrelevant and an unimportant factor in achieving what is desired.

Distractions often come in handy as excuses for not pursuing what should be pursued; the underlying reason mostly being the doubt that the object that should be given attention may not materialise as expected or cause undue discomfort in the process. The effort required to achieve or experience a desire may be beyond what one is prepared to exhort; the effort is feared or though not to equal the potential pleasure to be gained by achieving the targeted result. Avoidance is more comfortable than having to chase the potential to overcome any potential barriers in order to achieve something.

Fear can be a mystery that is totally illogical upon later analysis; with insight that is often subsequently obtained the reason for being initially fearful seems unjustified and irrelevant. Once an intention is pursued then achieved it becomes clear that the initial fear has no right to exist in the first place.

The source of fear is based on negative assumptions that are created out of nothing by a restless mind, mostly those fears are not in the least legitimate; it is by challenging the object of those fears that it will become evident that the fear has no substance at all in reality

Fear becomes a ghost that can haunt the very existence of ones true potential, making even the simplest of tasks a challenge. Realising that fear is taking value and quality experiences from a life time should be enough to negate the negative elements that tend to hover over an undertaking. Relegate fear to the insignificant, then pursue those challenges and desires with vigour.

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