Make it Yours

Sometimes the things we love or long for slip through our fingers due to the lack of any or enough effort on our part. We should chase the things we need or want for all our energy, all our heart and soul; the things we want should be worth fighting for otherwise we won't value them when we get them.

All Things are truely possible, it is just up to whether we realise that as a truth then persue what we want with all our desire. It is easy to let what we want slip through our fingers purely due to the lack of effort. Why let something slip away due soley to the lack of enough effort on our part, that surely doesn't make sence.

Once you have focused on something you want it is critical to maintain that focus until what you desire becomes yours. Somethhings are realised quickly, some take time, it all depends on the amount of energy you are prepared to spend on obtaining something you want be it a person, place or thing. All you have to do is truely desire something strongly enough to make it yours.

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