Wondering reveals Truth

It is the exercise of wondering, the questioning, the search, that opens the doors to truth, the seeds of thoughts that can reveal your deepest longings or desires. The search for truth is a long and sometimes elusive or illusive path that we travel in search of what we seek, sometimes we find answers sometime not.

In a brief moment of questioning the seeds that could lead to answers are planted, then we start the process that will lead to truth to the meaning of all we may wonder about. It is truly the journey to truth that is important not the truth itself. The experience that gives truth value and meaning is the most important element of the truth itself.

The road to truth is always a journey, sometimes smooth, sometime easily managed, sometimes not. Truth can be on occasions an illusions made by our subconscious to satisfy us, to pacify us into easily accepting the thought as real as an ultimate truth. It is that moment of wondering that we can find the answers to everything.

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