Time is the Devil's Toy

Time is a pure illusion that has been created by man in order to control the human race; in essence time doesn't exist outside the perception of mankind. Once focused upon through contemplation time becomes more and more illusive to comprehend or even understand. What the reality of time consists of is merely in sum the passing of a life; the time between birth and death. Or some similar measure of the passing of time as we know it.

Obviously without time there would be chaos in the modern world, but man would indeed be set free to live the true reality of what life should really be like without the constraints that time does impose on people.

Time has become the essence of life, what metaphorically makes things tick, brings together what would be chaos into a uniform symphony regimental order. The modern human is ruled by time, the demands of the day that must be satisfied within a given constraint.

To realise what time is there is a need to contemplate what life would be like without time; put simply the remaining measures would be day and night. It would not be long though before the day was divided by the markers set by the passing of the sun across the sky; for it is basic human thinking to have order and a uniform understanding of what is within reality.

There is a need in the human psyche to not only control oneself but also to control others; for in control there is the element of power. As humans power is the definitive marker of status; the elements of control and manipulation have a magical essence about them; the power over others being the prime objective.

Harnessing time to control others is the ultimate power tool; which other control mechanisms such as money require in order to function appropriately. The deadline for the completion of a task would not exist without time; but time doesn't die, it continues long after such a deadline has expired.

Time is not a solid concept, but rather a thing of the mind, created by the mind of man to control other men; the ultimate tool to manage the actions of others and any reward given for those actions.

Everyone is serving their time in one form or another; which to some on reflection passes so very quickly that it is a wonder where all the time that was has gone. As time only exists in essence within the mind it is the personal perception of time that makes it pass quickly or slowly. There is often a gap between different peoples perception of the passing of time, impacted by what they are doing, but also whether the task is enjoyable and beneficial or not.
Time is the master that each person must obey; for without submission to time there is a need to extricate oneself from society in order to escape the influence of time completely.

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