Loves Revenge

The chance to experience true love the this basis of all human emotions. Lasting love can be difficult to find or even quantify, love basically goes through cycles of intensity that is governed by the internal body frequency and external frequencies.

The Heart Chakra Activation frequency is 528 hz, this is also thought to be the frequency of love. But also the body and mind frequency in total also impacts whether the body is in harmony with others as well as the environment in general. Discrepancies in the frequencies between the individual and other and indeed the environment is what leads to disharmony.

Those who seem to get along with almost anyone or appear to excel in various environments are those that are able to adjust their body frequency to the surroundings or people they are dealing with. This may be a conscious ability or they are lucky enough to have an automatic adjustment to match the frequency of others.

The disadvantage of matching the frequency of others is when that frequency of others is low or negative; such downward adjustments in the bodies natural frequency could impact the consciousness considerably, with the potential to cause adjustments that may not be desirable.
While there are some advantages in slight temporary adjustments in the frequency of teh body to match others; it is far more ideal and logical to seek out people who have a similar or matching frequency. Those people that seemingly instantaneously get along well with either have a similar or matching frequency; this frequency can be natural or adjusted by your presence. It is possible to raise teh frequency of others or an environment purely through the presence of a higher frequency being emitted.

When teh physical attraction is strong but the frequency of the other person is negative or considerably at odds this is Loves Revenge; it is only a matter of time before issues arise, unless some adjustments are made to either parties body frequency to bring them into tandem with each other.

Being in the presence of someone with a low, negative or considerably at odds frequency can be extremely draining, causing loss of energy, patience, or ability to function.
Whenever an undesirable energy level is detected through uneasy feelings it is always better to put as much space as humanly possible between yourself and that person; limiting any contact to the absolute minimum possible.

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