Concerns are waste

Being unduly concerned about anything can be an hinderance towards actually being able to achieve what can be an expected or required experience is a waste of resources. Of course some concerns are relevant, so should be tackled, then eliminated; keeping a concern festering away for extended periods is not only unproductive but also unhealthy.

Any concern should first be judged as to whether it is legitimate or just an imaterial nonsense that just distracts from the object of attention. If deemed irrelevant then such concerns are merely just a drain on energy and resources. If the concern does in fact require attention then through analysis a course of action should be formed to overcome such concerns, generally by maintaining focus on the objective to be achieved.

Many concerns don't really deserve any attention at all, rather they should be dismissed so that the mind can focus upon issues that are potentially more beneficial; that actually bear advantages, rather than create negatives as concerns do tend to create.

Concerns that arise ad-hoc can tend to be a form of procrastination, a way to avoid starting or doing or pursuing some idea, desire, or expectation. It is far more beneficial and logical to consider any potential issues one by one in advance, then formulate a response should they actually occur. Rather than waste time on concerns that tend to pop up without reason or necessity.

If a concern is overbearing or seems intuitively based then it should be identified, analysed, then a plan formulated as to how to resolve or overcome the cause of that concern. Swift action is always preferable in order to move on with what can be achieved before the concern can morph into what can seem to be more insurmountable.

Considering potential issues that could possibly have a strong likelihood to evolve or exist in connection to what is desired to be achieved, actually is a far better use of time than getting bogged down by concerns that show up without notice or warning or legitimate reason.

Always judge whether any concern has a true legitimacy or not; disregard those concerns that are flippant, but swiftly deal with focusing clearly on formulating a process or policy to overcome or eliminate any other concerns that indicate they may interfere with or effect what can be achieved.

Life is far too short to be waylaid by concerns that impede in any way what one is trying to achieve or experience. Deal with all major concerns with the urgency they require, while ensuring focus is maintained in achieving what is targeted goal in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

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