Just another day

That latest Twist of fate, the impact that the environment has can be phenominal, everything has the potential to change 180 degrees without warning at any moment; that is unless you ensure your life balance is completely stable.

The effect that the environment has upon you can range from fundamental to major depending upon your response or reaction to what occurs. Everything that is experienced causes some changes within you; while these changes may be subtle on a day to day basis, the overall long term impact can turn out to be quite substantial.

Within nature adaptation is the key principal to survival: the key rule or mantra is either adapt to the environment no matter what the cost or perish. These evolutionary changes within nature cause plants, animals, microorganisms, the environment, to have only one purpose, that is survival, the continuation of the species; change and adapt or become extinct.

Likewise we too are constantly changing undergoing minor to major changes in order to adapt to the ever changing world we live in; some are known, others imperceptable.

The quality of the air you breath; the water that you drink; the food you eat; what information you expose yourselves to; your habits; all contribute or impact you in one way or another, causing changes within you in order for you to survive. It is for these reasons that you must be careful or wary of what you expose yourselves to. The genes of all those generations of survivors who lived before you stimulate your responses to life; it is inbuilt within you to survive at all costs when all the elements of the body are fully allowed to function as necessary in order to meet the challenge.

As humans we are able more than any other species to create or change the environment that we find ourselves surrounded by; there is really no necessity to be at the mercy of the particular situation.

Individually it is possible to alter through the desire for change the circumstance in which you live or exist. It is possible to even change completely the environment you find yourselves if you allow your mind to focus on achieving this. You are most definitely the creatures of your own creation; by ensuring your environment is one of growth rather than fear you can ensure your journey is the most rewarding one.

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