Temptation is the game

We are continually bombarded with various forms of temptations as part of a game played upon us. It doesn't matter if we succumb to the temptations or completely deny them, that is part of the game, we need to realise this fact. There is no right or wrong choices, just decisions to be made, whichever we decide doesn't matter - it is actually making a choice that counts. How we choose as well as why is all that really matters.

What we decide, what temptations attract us, which we deny are all part of this game called life. We have to find out what matters, what is of value or what is useless - having only short term value. It is the things that will last for eternity, the making of really good memories that we should seek, for in the end that is all that really matters.

Taking chances, taking risks to give life excitement, making the right valued choices, making dear, valuable memories is all that really matters, the rest is just window dressing - being of little consequence and value.

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