Spiritual Dilemma

It is indeed smart to stay true to one's own specific beliefs, without the need to concede to pressure from others to think otherwise. Manipulators will always try to use strong influences to cause others to comply with their beliefs; social pressures are one of the main weapons used in order to bring others to agree with them.

Keeping true to the beliefs one has acquired, while keeping an open mind is always the best route to follow; avoiding pressures to adjust personal thinking to pacify or adhere to the ideals of others.

Society has dominant beliefs, then less dominant ones, all depending on the number of people accepting these various beliefs as sacrosanct. The more people that believe in any particular issue is the standard used as the marker to judge the legitimacy of the belief. In fact this is not the ideal means to judge whether a belief has credence or not.

What one feels comfortable believing, what appears personally to make sense, that intuitive feeling that says beyond logical that this belief is correct, that is what makes a belief legitimate. The need to convince others in that belief is not necessary or even desirable; if fact a belief can be guarded and personal, without the need to have others believe in it to in order to gain credence or legitimacy.

Beliefs can be acquired externally from others, from literature, they can be the product of a personal search for truth, or the result of an intuitive instinctive realisation from within. It is possible that the initial idea could be expanded upon or modified later depending upon new ideas or information becoming available. It is important to not hold onto beliefs whose time has past, or those beliefs that are no longer relevant in light of more inspiring or dynamic knowledge that has arisen.

Beliefs should be guarded against anyone trying to deplete or demean them. To this end it can be wise not to express one's beliefs unless the recipient appears that they could be receptive.

Always stand by your own ideals and beliefs, holding them above any external influences that may attempt to capture or pollute your attention. Do not let your beliefs wither or be loose significance due to external influences that try to dissuade you otherwise. Stay true to what you believe personally; there is no necessity to adjust your beliefs to appease others.

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