Prayers or Desire
Our prayers are our desires clarified in the form of pleas to whatever God or spiritual entity we believe in to just listen to us and do our very bidding irrespective of the consequences to ourselves or whoever. So what are prayers, simply put they are pleas to make what we want become reality, for our prayers to come true.

So when prayers do come true did our God listen, and when they didn't did God judge our plea to not quite meet up to the universal expectations, either because it was not good for us, or it would relieve some suffering or situation that had an intended purpose in our life path, such as a lesson to learn.

Our desires, once identified then acknowledged can come true, it purely depends on the amount of energy and effort we are prepared to put into realising these desires. All things are possible in time, it is just whether that time frame suites us or not. Our prayers are sometimes forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life, we need to hold onto our desires unceasingly until they become true. 

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