Tears in the rain

Some things are not always completely obvious, they are obscured by something that will cause us to come to an inaccurate conclusion. Things are not always as they seem, it is difficult to separate the tears from the rain, just as it is difficult to catch and hold the wind in the palm of your hand. When we assume something it may or may not be correct or true, of course strong gut feelings can be extremely accurate if we are perceptive enough.

We see only what our mind can comprehend or wish us to see, or is our mind believes is relevant, the rest is deleted into obscurity. Even though it is there we still don't or can't see it. It is only when we start to open up our mind to the vast array of possibilities that we truly begin to see.

There is much more to life that we have never learnt to comprehend, this is why it remains unknown to us. We need to be seekers, to search out knowledge, both from others - as seeds of thought - as well as from our own search for the realisation of all this is.

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