Wisdom in a Nutshell

We are just playing with eternity, just passing the time, the things we do are all part of an elaborate game that we play within the time and space we have created for ourselves. What is the distance, something far away or something near by, it all depends upon where we are standing at that particular moment of questioning. Then likewise what is life, the opposite of death, well that is as long as we are alive. This thing called life is a search, a fleeting fantasy intended to pass the time an escape from the boredom of eternity.

Then who and what are we, are we a figment of our own imagination or that of our Gods, are we real or just think we are. Usually what we think is real is truly real because of the fact that we thought it, just the thought makes it real, at some stage. So we more spirits than mortal, if so what does all this thing call life mean. Yes, life was born from the figments of our imagination, from our curiosity with what is and what can be given then energy to materialise. We are creators of all we perceive, all we prevail over.

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