Considerations of life

Just for that brief moment we live, while our spiritual existence is infinite our life is just like a fleeting moment in eternity.

So, what is the best use of our life time, the chances we have are sometimes illusive, perhaps that is the game, to find the people, the things, the places that make you happy, that give you great joy, that offer some form of satisfaction or contentment. These are the things we should search for in order to find our reason for living, this is our chance to dance in the light, to feel the sun, the cool breeze on a winters night, to listen to the birds singing, to hear music of the heart expressed in all the forms of art.

Like a meal is food for the body, life is food for the soul, helping it expand and grown, giving joy to the spirit through the things we experience. We must always take life's joys or woes with love, accepting them for what they are but always making the very most of every single moment.

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