Imagination makes it real

The creation process that consists of bringing desires into reality is first dependant on the amount of detail the imagination can generate and bring to bear. The more exacting or precise and encompassing the details are that the imagination can generate the closer the accuracy of the desire can be achieved.

Attention to the details is paramount in creating exactingly what is desired. The more details that are placed onto a desire the more accurate the result will be once manifested within reality.

The ability to place clear continuous focus on imagining, in order to keep the desires clarified without vacillating is the most important factor in creating your desires exactly as possible within reality.

Whenever there is doubt, lack of commitment or continual ever changing points of reference as to what is desired then the end result is likely to be variable and uncontrolled.

Procrastination as to what is desired will only cause confusion in what is achieved through the process of creation. Imagination is the cornerstone upon which desires are built; the more details that are identified as to what is actually desired the more accurate that desire can be recreated within reality.

Imagination provides the base elements of a desire and belief is the energy that brings a desire into reality.

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