Belief is the power

Elements supporting desire are made up of the detailed points or factors of what is imagined; belief is the power that makes desires based on what has been imagined come alive with legitimacy into life.

The more details that make up the combined thoughts being imaginated the more accurate the desire will be when it is materialialised. Belief is what drives the desire to become real.

Belief can be harnessed as it is one of the key elements that go towards creating those things that you desire most. Life is actually a journey of your desires, a game you can play to create whatever you wish within your own reality.

Dreams and intuitive longings are windows to your hidden desires; pursuing them will ensure a life that is made up of what your higher consciousness desires most. Letting them rot unattended will always lead to some form of regret in the long run.

Belief is composed of many factors; one is the belief in some external concept such as; a religion, political views, also including views about a plethora of concepts that exist externally. This belief system is not specifically created by the self for the self, but rather exists for people in general as well as requiring the support beliefs of others to sustain the concept.

There also exists the Belief that is a personal powerful force that can be connected with other forces created by the mind to give them legitimacy such as imagination, desire, and expectancy.

Belief energises imagination, taking it from the formation of an idea or concept to pursue into an actual possibility that can materialise; likewise belief enlivens desire, while giving credence to expectancy.

The stronger and more focused the belief the more energy exists to enforce the creation of what has been imagined then desired, bringing that into reality. It is this focus belief that makes things possible, enabling you to obtain or achieve the things you pursue with focus in life.

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