Needs of the spirit

There are numerous states of consciousness that exist, for example; the conscious and subconscious minds, the heart consciousness, the consciousness of the gut region, and the overriding personal conscious state is that of the spirit consciousness or consciousness of the higher self. All these states of realisation are held within the control of the general consciousness of all there is.

The heart consciousness is the conduit or window to the soul, or the spirit’s conscious state. The general consciousness is where the Spirit consciousness resides, but the individual spirit does retain some level of autonomy to pursue specific desires of whatever may be held dear, or what that spirit may wish to pursue in a specific life time.

While some desires of the general consciousness are passed through the individual spirt consciousness states that exist; the individual spirit consciousness does generate or create most of the desires to be pursued by the physical self.

The physical conscious states do create desires specific to the material reality, mostly based upon observations within the physical world; but many of the strong intuitive desires do come via the heart consciousness from desires communicated by the high self if the physical consciousness is open to them.

Depending on the mind's connection with the heart consciousness, then in turn its connection to the higher self comes to determine how clear the desires of the spirit are communicated to the mind. It is possible that some don't even retain any level of connection with their high self; they are what are called materialistic beings. These entities pursue solely the specific desires of the physical world, that while enticing only have relevance in this limited reality. These states of conscious are controlled almost entirely by the physical material world and the various conscious states that exist there. In some senses these entities are like human zombies in relation to those that have a strong connection to the general consciousness through the conscious state of their spiritual self.

Having the interlinking contact with all states of consciousness from the conscious and subconscious mind, through the heart consciousness to the conscious state of the higher self, then in turn the general consciousness is the ultimate state for existence. It is far more rewarding to have access to all these levels of potential rather than having to simply rely on the mind’s connection to the material world to provide the only levels of consciousness and perception.

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