Light reveals all

To 'see the light' is a common phrase that actually means to finally understand or comprehend, either what was being sought after, or a realisation of the dynamics of an issue that was perplexing or illusive. While a similar, another saying 'seeing the light at the end of the tunnel' can have a different connotation, it could infer or be interpreted as the metaphorical end or completion to what is being experienced.

In some senses these quotes are interchangeable; the tunnel metaphor has a relationship to another saying 'Out of the darkness and into the light'. After a period were one has been in the dark, or unable to understand or fathom out an issue, or gain the desired information; entering the light, or enlightenment, reveals the knowledge that gives a better or full understanding of the issue in focus.

To 'see the light' likewise is to finally come to understand what has been illusive up to that point. The knowledge may have been sought after without success; or even may not have been known of, therefore 'being in the dark' about an issue or subject. Much like ‘wandering in the darkness’, without knowledge of the light being sought, then suddenly finding the answers to details that reveal the enlightenment of a clear or different understanding of a necessary element of a life experience.

There is no one who knows everything, so in some senses we are all in the dark to some extent or another. There are those who continually seek out knowledge to enlighten themselves; others are quite contented to remain in the darkness, completely unaware of what information is available to change their life in numerous way.

Knowledge seemingly begins to flow like magic when a desired subject is pursued with a continuous focus and intent, the information being sought after starts to become more readily and easily available with each revelation. Thus the old adage comes true, seek and you will find; it is the effort of seeking out information that in the end creates the energy that draws the required information towards the seeker.

There are those that spend a lifetime chasing various knowledge, in what appears to be a never ending cycle; once one subject is mastered the next target subject is identified and the process of research starts over again. Also, conversely there are those who just know though intuition about the things of true importance, the information that truly matters in life. Then there are others who just are bond by material attractions, or just watch the flowers grow; it is up to the individual to decide how to spend their life time, not others.

What is best, or the right or wrong way, is indeed a personal choice; the pursuit of earthly knowledge, the search for higher meaning, or just enjoying life day by day. In all cases, by the pure experience of life we are all changed in numerous ways, things will be forever different with the passing of each day; impacted by what was pursued, the things that had some kind of impact, the experiences that were enjoyed or were troubling, the people interacted with, and so on. All the elements of life come together as a recipe for what can be, of who you will become, all impacted by what is pursued or focused upon. The light that you seek is the element of what will enlighten life.

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