Thought is eternal

Thoughts are an element of consciousness that is eternal; for some inexplicable reason once a though has been created it remains available for others to connect with, if they have the ability or realisation. Thoughts do fade away, nor are they lost with time, or even the passing of the individual who released the thought into reality.

The consciousness of the mind is always knowingly or unknowingly in communication with the general consciousness of all there is via the heart conscious state and that of the higher spirit self. Whether this is known or not doesn't matter, the process exists for everything that is; all the information is being continually fed back to the general consciousness; but also all the information that is available can be received as well.

The thoughts, in the case of an individual, are transmitted through the heart and higher self to be stored in the general consciousness. It is here that all knowledge both past, present and future exist; this is because progression, or call it time, is not linear, so the past, present and future are all existing at once on different levels of consciousness. Also, the consequences of every choice or decision, those made as well as those discarded, all play out in different dimensions, all creating data in the form of knowledge.

All the created information is freely available to anyone who spends the energy to communicate with the general consciousness, either knowingly or intuitively, or in some cases purely by chance though the desire to achieve something. The more the intercommunication with the general consciousness occurs the stronger the connection becomes. It is the desire for information, the pursuit of that special goal or desire that can open the doors to the consciousness that has all knowledge, the answers to everything exist simply by making the effort to seek out the necessary knowledge.

Great artist, be they composers, writers, painters, sculptures, architects or engineers all gain inspiration from the general consciousness, call it inspiration, while at the same time feeding back knowledge of what has been experienced or modified or improved information. Some composers state that the ideas for their composition just came to them out of nowhere in their entirety.

The knowledge within the general consciousness is available to everyone; if you don't find and use some specific information of interest then it will be available for someone else to potentially stumble upon then utilise. Basically if you don't use the information others will.

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