Spirit Talks

The desires of the spirit will always transcend any barrier that are likely to exist when you wish to come to communication with your higher consciousness.

Our eyes are said to be the window to the soul, in turn, the soul is the window to the spirit. A smile brings joy and energy to the soul; so we can make our spirits rejoice by smiling, not only to ourselves but to others. To rejoice in our world is enliven the soul and glorify the spirit.

The heart consciousness is the conduit that is the soul via which communication with the spirit self or higher consciousness can be made. Thus the connection with the general consciousness can be achieved through the higher self, which resides within the general consciousness of all there is

Whether we win or loose this game of life the outcome will be the same, the reuniting of your soul, that exists in the physical, will become one once again with the spiritual self. Your salvation is the realisation that this life is just a journey, one to be enjoyed, savoured and lived well; the outcome is really immaterial in the scheme of things. Life is just to experience the material, as a means to keep enlivened as a way to pass eternal time.

Finding your true self can only be achieved once you let go of all you have become. Take away the things that life has given you, forget the way you have been indoctrinated into thinking and acting. Then you will be able to find out who you really are.

If you loose everything you will still be who you are, nothing will change. So find your true self beyond your physical image, then be who you really are, not what things make you. Remove your mental chains letting your spirit soar.

Destiny is not fate, it is a course that we must find, then create - this is our true life path which we must follow in order to achieve those things that are of utmost importance to our higher consciousness. Seek your life purpose, then with clear focus aim all your energies at bringing this destiny into your reality. The future won't wait for you, if you don't create your own destiny fate will.

Salvation is the realisation that life is just a journey and not the end point. That at the end of teh day the only thing that matters is that you have found then maintained true bliss.

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