Passion is the driver

Desire - the ultimate desire, hiding there deep within each of us, hardly used by some, by others used somewhat foolishly to meet the demands of their mortal being. But desire has another purpose, the true passion of creation, this is the driver for all we comprehend.

We are each dancing on thin ice, an illusion of our own worth, looking into a mirror of our reality, deluded by our own grander or self worth. Yes reality is flimsy in a way, it is fickle in some ways too, having the habit to change drastically on a whim, then nothing will be the same again - but that doesn't matter because few really notice at all, they are too wound up in the material world, too busy being lost in the moment.

It is our passion for what as well as who we are, or at least what we believe we are, that will make everything seem all right, make everything seem to turn out the way we want it to. If something is done with passion it has some kind of mystic glory or power behind it that leave every one in wonder, in awe at the magic of creation.

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