Truth or Lies

Some people don't even know the difference these day, for sure sometime it really is difficult to tell what is the truth and what is not. There are those that believe in the lies so strongly, or have repeated them so often, that they believe they are true, in some cases with enough effort they actually do indeed finally come true.

Within every lie is the bases of some form of truth, also likewise within each truth there is the basis of some form of lie that is use to make the truth somewhat more believable. Truth can sometime sound more farfetched than the lies, also, likewise lies can sound more realistic than truth. So what is the difference, if any, between truth and lies; it is purely up to our perception to believe or disbelieve.

Reality is a fickle thing, it follows our desire including our beliefs, if we believe in truth or if we believe in lies doesn't matter much at all - reality will simply follow what we believe until that belief changes to something different; lies are truths and truths lies.

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