The joys of life

The people you know or interact with can make your life sparkle, or become quite dull. It is important to avoid those who make you feel uncomfortable for any reason what-so-ever; always see out positive relationships with others.

It is these people who are allowed into your life, your family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, even the ones you have yet to meet that make your life worth living. Given the chance others will bring love, light, joy, happiness, and peace into your life.

The places that exist in your life, where you live, frequent, or make an effort to visit that can impact your sense of joy. It is by finding those special places in your life that will bring you a feeling of security, peace and tranquility. Whenever you feel uncertain, lost, and out of sync just seek out your special place to find yourself.

To find the answers or ideas and solutions to the daily matters of your life you need to have you own secret place where you can go to be alone, relax and think. In this place your thoughts will flourish, unaffected by others or external sources.

It is your thoughts that make you what you are and what you are becoming. Your thought can become imprinted onto your mind creating the reality that you experience; they impact you in infinite ways. If these thoughts are positive or negative the outcome will of course be drastically different. Thus it is important to not only keep your own thoughts under control, but also to avoid undesirable impacts from the thoughts of people that you come into contact with.

It is imperative to at all times try control your thought patterns, for if they are left alone to run free they may create a reality that you really don't care for. Thoughts are yours to control as well as masters; thoughts should do all your bidding, therefore it is your will that should always control your thoughts, not external factors.

Life was intended to be a joy; it is the various forces from external sources of the modern world that impact this ideal. Always seek out ways and means to create a life of bliss by following the paths and intuition that leads to happiness.

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