Age of Spirits

The desires of the spirit will always transcend any barrier that exist when you work to understand though intuitive communication the desires of your higher consciousness.

If you loose everything you will still be who you are, nothing will change. So find your true self beyond your physical image, then be who you really are, not what things or society make you. Remove all your mental chains, connect to you heart consciousness then let your spirit soar.

Your spirit longs for the freedom, peace and tranquillity that is so very often completely lost in the hustle and bustle of modern life. To appease the spirit you need to search for and find that special state where we can be at peace with everything, as well as everything being at peace with you.

Your soul, or incarnated spiritual consciousness is immortal, basically it is one and the same with the spirit. The soul is not some inanimate thing of fiction, it is a reality which need to be acknowledged then nurtured in order for it to grow and excel within the reality of life.

Most people pass their lives entirely without giving a second thought to their soul consciousness and its well being. Those that do dwell on this subject do so generally fleetingly, without any conclusion or final understanding. Yet to focus on the souls advancement and well being in this consciousness is both a wise and beneficial pursuit.

Your soul is the very source of who you are and who you can and are becoming; the soul is your true identity. The root of your entire life's origin lies here within your soul. It is the soul that contains the why, who and wherefore of your entire existence, not only on earth but throughout eternity.

Learn to set your spirit free - to fly majestically upon the winds of time; to seek out those intuitive desires with freedom to pursue whatever you desire.

The earth is a place where the spirits come to experience the physical, to play and enjoy growth; basically as one means to pass the element of eternity. It is within your very self that the soul exists in communication with the spirit consciousness.

It is your duty to guard and protect your soul from any harm or transgressions, thereby keeping it pure from the mundane, as well as negative matters of life.

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