Tyranny of the mind

Life is truly an illusion of our own making, we delude ourselves into believing it is all in the dice cast by the hands of fate, yet in fact we are the ones who create our reality.

The mind is a vast tundra, an array of wonder, mischief, greed, searching, learning, ever growing in power. The mind can be a waste land, a desert, or a beautiful garden of knowledge, envisioning constantly what we desire or bringing our worst nightmares to life.

A restless mind is indeed a dangerous thing, who knows the limits of its power for no one has yet tested those limits to their extremes, but what we see in life gives us some inkling of the capacity for creation that the mind does indeed have.

We must forever stretch the boundaries of our knowledge and imagination, keeping our mind busy as well as contented lest it in a moment of leisure creates for us a nightmare within our reality.

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