The freedom we seek

We each have within us all the freedom we could ever desire, the thing is not many people realise that fact until it is getting too late, the limiting thoughts that we have bind us to certain levels of freedom, the lack of questioning of the limits of our freedom also doom us to mediocrity. It is only when we push the limits of our freedom that we start to become truly free. What is freedom but to be free, so if we are bound by any type of   constraints in our life then how can we be ever truly free, acceptance of something binds us to that level of reality, that level of thinking that level of freedom.

We are, believe it or not, free spirits, not enslaved spirits, it is our acceptance of subservience that makes us subservient, it is our acceptance of our current conditions that bind us to that state. If we are satisfied with our current situation then our current situation will be the limiting factor of all of our potential. It is only when we are dissatisfied, then take action to correct that, when we question the limits of our potential by trying, only when we don't accept the status quo, then at that time we can find freedom in the adventures that follow, we can become truly free spirits.

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