Truths of life

It is the realisation of the fact that in the end nothing really matters that is the freedom we seek. We spend our lives having concerns and caring about so many thinks yet in the final analysis, in the end, nothing really matter at all. Everything is just for the sake of it, just for the experience, irrespective of how it turns our in the end - that is irrelevant - it is the experience that is all the really matters at all.

What is hell, what is heaven, they are just our memories, that's all, and the divine retribution, the burning in hell for eternity, promised us by the world's religions is just that the eternal memory of something wrong that we did.

The decision is ours, will we care to remember for eternity our wrong doings, or will we just let them be blown away and scattered by the sands of time, this is our choice, our higher spirits choice. In the final analysis this life is just an experience a fantasy in passing to while away eternity, for what else can we do.

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