The Crosses we bear

We are all trapped in a body of our own making. Everyone
has the chance to make all the decisions and choices that govern their lives and in turn how things will play out.

You control every thought, or rather you have the ability to fully control your every though; also to decide what to eat, how or whether to exercise, how to take care of yourselves in general, what to expose yourselves to; all these factors that control your body, your environment are all under your control; that is if you just simply make the effort to create your desired reality.

You are not what you have been, only partially what you are at this very moment; but more important it is what you are becoming that has the greatest relevance. Now is the point or time of change; it is this moment when you can change not only your perception of not only yourself but also that perception others have of you.

There is nothing in the universe that is constant, everything is undergoing the continual process of change. Every cell in your body, even bone cells, are replaced completely within a year; you are not the same person, even physically, that you were one year ago.

There is no way to stop the constant changes that are going on all around, but by being aware of such changes it becomes possible to utilise them to become who or what you wish to become.

Through your mind codes, those constant messages you send yourselves, you change your body, eliminate disease, change your mentality, motivate yourself to some action that will be of benefit, the list of potentials is actually endless.

It is possible to change your environment, even your entire world either physically by moving to a new location, or you can change your perception of the world you observe and interact with.

You must always ask yourselves not only who you are becoming; but more importantly who you really wish to be; start the changes necessary to be the one person you want to be rather than the one you need to be.

There is no benefit to crucify yourself on the crosses you have created all by yourself. Life has enough challenges to overcome without making unnecessary ones to deal with. Rather work to make a life of bliss were there is contentment with what is available to you; together with a desire to pursue your true potential.

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