Winners take all

The rule of life is that the winner takes all, but in eternity this has no meaning at all. Why? Because everything belongs to the general consciousness, there is no individual ownership.

Material things of life can't be taken with us when we die, the memories of them can but that is about all. The material things are not eternal, they are temporary fleeting in there essence, they exist as long as we focus upon them, when we don't they are gone.

Life is a game, just a game to pass the time we have, otherwise there is not much else to do with eternity but search out the limits of our capacity to create by thoughts alone.

We must always be aware of our mortality as well as the mortality of everything around us. What we really need to fight for, what we really need to win is love, for it is love that it eternal. That is what judges the winners from losers, the amount of love we have created in life.

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