The actual illusion

We can come to believe anything we create within our mind as truth irrespective of the validity of that thought. An illusion of the mind can indeed become an actual truth by continual reinforcement in our mind. Our illusions become our reality irrespective of our flimsy they may be.

Our mind has the capacity to create anything, a brief thought can multipy in intensity until it becomes a very complexed theory or belief. We dilude ourselves into believing what we think or perceive as true or real as actually being so, even though it may in fact be just a figment of our imagination.

Life is in fact an illusion of our own making, we created what we have, our total reality created just from a single though that multiplied becoming more and more complexed until we have what we are experiencing right now. Is it an illusion or is it real, the is the point that is difficult to determine, what is real, what is an illusion, when they both in fact could be the same. This is the actual illusion that has become our reality.

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