No Place to Hide

We all come face to face with our stark reality, our mortality, at some stage or another during our life, there is no escaping it. We are what we made ourselves, yet while this is changeable few of us ever consider to do so, not taking the trouble to reinvent ourselves.

It is inevitable, there is no running away from our destiny, we can pursue our life up to a stage, doing whatever we want, then suddenly we are faced with the fact that this can't go on forever, not in this form.

No alternatives exist, there is no escaping our destiny, it is the end of a cycle of life, there are no alternatives but to accept this freely and willingly, there are finally no choices.

It is only when we surrender freely that our life will end peacefully, if we try to prolong our life beyond the allotted time we will suffer greatly. It is resistance of the mind to accept fate that forces the spirit to do what-ever is necessary to reunite with the soul.

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