Realizing Finality

AIt is not quite true that all good things come to an end sometimes, there actually is no begining or no end if you care to consider this point long enough this fact will indeed be obvious. The focus with concentrated belief and desire can drive a dream for as long as you care to experience it, the end point is only arrived at when you decide that the dream no longer holds any desires for you, then you can move onto the next stage of your life.

Reality is a puppet, your puppet, to do your bidding and realize you wishes, hopes, dreams, deires, wants, needs, longings. Finality it the conclusion of those thoughts, the point when all becomes nothing, then the new dream the next reality begins.

We can make anything real that we care to desire, a breif whim can become our worst nightmare, an impulsive thought our greatest joy; it all depends upon our outlook, be it possitive or negative. Even endings offer opportunities for an end is simply a point where something new starts, some new adventure, some new dream to pass the time.

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