Consequences are ours
What should we do when we face the consequeces of our thoughts, they are there startlingly dominating that moment in our reality when our greatest fears or greatest joys are materialised for us to behold. We have to accept that what happens to us is teh sole accumulation of all our inner desires materialized into our reality. Do others actually experience the same reality that we do or are we just under a self illusion that they do so. What is real or not sometime reaches the limits of our comprehension, it remains for us simply to believe that what we are experiencing is real and it will be.

So who is left to accepts the total consequesnces of our illusions but ourselves, we are the sole creators of our reality, therefore we must accept total and unconditional responsibility for all that happens in our life. We are here in our created reality, yet are we alone with just illusions of companionship or are those who we share this reality real, or as real as we can believe they are. This is reality is our total responsibility, but does that mean that we all contribute, that in fact we are all indeed jointly responsible for the total outcome.

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