Recollections in Time

That old feeling of familiarity with a person, place or situation, the sence that history is repeating itself perfectly, that strong feeling of déjà vu that is there to experience one minute then completely gone the next. Do we ever exhort the necessary amount of energy to persue the meaning or reasons for these experiences or feelings. Are these actually reocurrances, history repeating itself, premonitions of things to come just as they are about to happen.

We have abilities beyond our understanding, beyong our comprehension, beyond those manifested in this reality, it is acceptance of these abilities, the longing to know more that finally will reveal many unknown truths.

What we believe becomes real no matter how hard it may seem to comprehend, no matter how far fetched it may be, no matter if others believe us or not doesn't actually matter at all, it is whether we believe that is the main point - that is all that really matters. It is your own recollections that have the only validity in time.

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