The Choices we can make

Like seeds that fall in autumn time, so are we here upon the ground. We have potential to grow into something very marvellous , something wonderful, something special, or we can just rot away and become part of the earth, the choice is ours alone to make. Are we to create then rise up to the challenges that will make us great, are we to bask in someone else glory, or just simply drift like flotsam on an every changing ocean of time.

Are we to be like one of many trees in a forest, almost indistinguishable among the crowd, or are we to stand out and tall as original, individual and different, our own person. The result of this choice is sometimes never realised, people spending their lives in mediocrity a mere dim reflection of what they could be, could become. Sometimes realising when it it almost too late that we can be anything we want to be, anything we desire.

The effort to become great and the effort to survive mediocrity and quite similar, only the result is different, in once case we live in joy, the other misery.

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