What is life but a brief encounter with mortality, a dance with the concept called time, that in comparison to eternity is less that the blinking of an eye. So what are you supposed to do with such limitations on our time, our brief moment in the spotlight of life? Are we to squander it by spending our time on mortal persuites, the physical pleasures that come and go like the wind, like raindrops on the lense of a camera pointing into oblivion. Are we supposed to spend our time looking for the purpose or meaning of our life to find in the end that is all we did without achieving anything at all. Or are we supposed to dance to the invisible drum in our soul, savouring every moment, every encounter, each second of the miracle of life. An alternative would be to bring the spirit consciousness into reality to experience the things that we can only achieve in mortal form, touch, the other sences, the experience to hold close the ones you love close, to have the sensations of sadness, joy, hope, loss. To communicate closely with the spirit in order to maximize the experience, to achieve a higher level of consciousness in life, beyond normal mundane existence.

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