Our Life Boat
Are we stranded in life, similar to being stranded on some deserted island. If so what is the solution we should seek in order to find salvation. Is the salvation simply to be content with our situation or in finding an escape. For, as it seems, we are indeed trapped here without any recourse other than to wait until the time for our passing arrives, we are if fact prisoner here but few of us think long enough to realise that.

In life we hold onto many material things that are dear to us that simply have just a passing value, they are worthless in eternity, only having any value in this life. When we pass from this world's reality we can't take the things we treasure with us, at that point in time they belong to someone else. Therefore, doesn't it makes sense to learn to not place too high a value on material things, rather we should simply use them to achieve or create the lasting memories or our spiritual enlightenment. It is this separation from materialistic reality by surrendering the purely material things we treasure that we should purse, then seeking out our spiritual life boat that will guide us to our salvation.

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