The Winds of Time

Just as the mighty rocks erode with time so too the winds of time echo upon our soul. The answers are all there in the whispers from our soul if we only just take the time to make the effort to listen closely enough.

In time we come to realise that the goal is the journey, the destination is already predetermined, unchangeable; how we proceed through life's pathway is our challenge, our reason to be. The road we travel has many turnings, branches and junctions, which way we proceed, which turn of events we take, will all determine everything that happens along the way, until we reach our predetermined final destination. If we simply follow others ideas or societies definition of the journey we will miss so much; the growth is in making our own path, our own unique way through this life experience.

We are actually simply a reflection of our thoughts, it is these thoughts that determine everything both good and bad that occurs in our life time, who we are, what we do who we meet, how we live our life everything.

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