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Our life desires, the things we long for, are mostly only temporary, both from a perspective of there usefulness or longevity of influence, they are just passing fantasies. While they do contribute something to the experience in the short term they are mostly soon forgotten, rejected to a distant or faint memory.

The things of real value in life lies in the experiences we have with others, the memories we create, the moments we enjoy together. With effort we can create wonderful memories that will stand the tests of time and eternity.

We need balance to combine the desires of the Soul, Spirit, Mind and Body as one, not giving any special preference to one or the other. It is this combined focus that will give the most impressive meaning to our life.

It is the combined energies of the Soul, Spirit, Mind and Body that can bring into reality the things that you most desire or wish to experience. They can draw not only things but also people to you simply by using their combined energies to create what you want in your life.

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