Realization of Self
Each of us live our life from day to day doing the necessary things to earn money, spend time pursuing the things or experiences we love or enjoy,  searching for the things that will give us joy, give some meaning to our life. If we always seek to find bliss, happiness, contentment, peace, serenity, harmony, in all we do our like will be much richer. Most people in the modern world seek selfish satisfaction for material things that only meet some momentarily short term temporary desire, which like time are soon gone, being replaced by the next thing that catches their focus of attention.

Success is not always fulfilling in the long term; we must seek to discover the truth within us, then act upon this in order to find our bliss, the one thing that will make our life worthwhile, give it meaning and value. Once we can discover the truth, the path that we need to follow then our life will have
There are always barriers to the truth, they are put there to find out how much we really want to seek the most important truths of life. If we don't make a great effort towards becoming enlightened about the meaning or purpose of our lives will will exist in mediocrity just a mere shadow of what we could have been. Seek and you shall find is the greatest truth.

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