We live a modern life of hustle and bustle, surrounded by the technological wonders that make our life comfortable and enjoyable. We are sometime isolated from the reality of lifes darker side that others in the world have to face on a daily basis. In our cities or towns we live a life of illusion, based upon what we expose ourselves to rather than what we contemplate or generate through our own individual unpoluted thoughts. We are indeed puppet of a modern world, doing its bidding for whatever reason, to earn or get money, to obtain someones attention, achieve approval of some person or organisation, et cetera; following the various rules of accepted behavior in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in.

Each of us was born a free thinking spirit, but many of us have sacrificed that freedom of thought to the desires of the masses, to the will of those that rule society for teh sole purose of achieving their own specific desires or purposes. We become slaves to society by surrendering our free will, our desires, our ideas, our hopes, our inspiration, our energy, all the things we should hold dear; we become shaddow of our true potential.

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