Where are we supposed to seek then obtain the peace and the tranquility that is essential to our growth, to enable us to contemplate who and what we are. Shall we find tranquility in our environment or should we first look within ourselves. The answer is obvious, we can surely find tranquility within ourselves irrespective of our surroundings, we can create tranquility out of chaos purely by concentrating, focusing on eliminating all distractions, we can establish a zone of peacefulness.

First we must decide what is tranquility, what does it mean it us. Then we need to determine what we seek within tranquility itself and why. Until we can clarify what we are looking for then it most surely will be illusive, we may not even know we have found it unless we clearly know that which we are looking for.

We each unknowingly self create our own chaos or the disturbances in our lives, mostly accepting them as some necessary evil rather than combating or dispelling them. The power and choice to eliminate all undesirable things from our life is always available to us.

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