The games of time
With each beat of our hearts, with each passing day, each season, or year we can see some progression of time as part of our reality. But in essence time is in fact an illusion of our own making, a rule by which we control the passing of our lives. Time also gives structure and form to our reality, to our observations.

Time plays games with us, making us believe that it is progressive rather than multidimensional. Once we can separate ourselves from the belief that time is linear then we can open our minds to accept the wider concepts of time. For sure time plays a cruel game with all living things whose bodies or form gradually deteriorates then finally cease to be. Without time does everything stop or even vanish, or does nothing change.

Time can flip flop from one state to another, when local or other global locations are compared time is different depending upon the country, over larger spaces or periods the gaps in time widen beyond our ability to comprehend at a basic level. Time seems to have rules in fact is very flexible, it can be whatever we want it to be.

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