Colors are more than just a combination of red and blue or yellow and black. They are non-verbal communication. Destiny is not fate, it is a course that we must find, then create, if you don't create your own destiny fate will.
In the continual quest to learn life's secrets, the question concerning the purpose of our existence comes up. Are we to believe this world, this existence is all there is; wouldn't this be quite a foolhardy thought.
Forecast are the earth's magnetic field reverses could cause the planet to be subjected to cosmic radiation. Human beings, are in fact the last apes standing, the rest have been condemed to extinction by time.
Our eyes see only this dimension, our brains filter out other imformation that is insignificant or unnecessary.
Learn to see things differently and in more detail. Learn to see things though various and different perspectives.
We are living in an era of lies, that are continually passed off as truths, greater the lie, greater the admiration. A collection of random thoughts and quotes, from historys famous, smartest and cleaverest thinkers.

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