Desires of the Soul & Spirit
Most people go from day to day without even the slightest consideration or thought for the things of the spirit or soul, mostly concerning themselves with the cares of the day, the things of their physical rather than the things of the spiritual. Society has conditioned us to seek the material rather than the esoteric spiritual matters.

Some elements of society needs to control the masses, therefore they use the logic that if you control their thinking you control their words, deeds, actions and more especially their mind. Free thought is the plague of those who wish to control the population for financial gain, which is encompassed within the desire for power. These forces be they private kind makers, governments or religious gain strength by control and thereby the power have vast control over us all.

The personal search, upon which the purpose for life is based, should be a spiritual one, a journey of the soul in reality. Reality is the means to carry this search not the sole reason for our being, it is simply the medium by which we can find all the answers for which we search.

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