The Roads we Walk

It is the paths we choose that will make us what we are, as well as effecting who we are becoming. There are endless opportunities for change in this life, chances for us to alter our course or path through life at any time of our liking. A split second decision can change the course of your life completely, forever.

Also it is true, that we are what we think we are; therefore we become what we believe, what we desire will also become true. So it surely makes sense to use these creative attributes to make a life we most desire, to bring into reality the life we need to achieve what we really want to do with our time of life.

Our life can indeed be a winding road if we don't take the time to consider then decide what we want from life, what we wish to achieve, who we wish to meet, to decide the places where we want to go. It is a journey well planned to meet our desire for this life that will give us the most joy, including the most comfort when we come to reflect on what we have created.

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