The Path you Walk
The choice of which paths we take through this life is always our decission, our responsibility alone. Each and every thing we do changes our life outcome in some way, no matter how small. The influences of others on what we do can't be blamed for any outcome, for it is of our own free will that we decided to do one thing or another, any blame lies squarely with ourselves. The impact of our actions is unchangeable, there is only one direction, that is forward, there is no going back to start over again. For this reason it is wise to think carefully before doing anything minor or major, for everything we do has an outcome, an effect upon our destiny.

With a clear chosen destination we can always know that at the final conclusion we will end up where we desire as long as we have the determination to stay true to our ideas. We must never deviate from the purpose that we have chosen for to do so would be confusing, leaving fate to play whatever trick on us that the dice should come up with. If we have faith that we have chosen the right path, then stay true to that decision, our fate will be in our hands, the destination will be the one choosen.

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