Reflecting upon what has happened in life is the best way to understand your life's path to date; the things that have happened, what is happening in the present, while pondering the potential for the future. History does tend to repeat itself if strategic changed are not made.

Learning from the past and present in order to prepare yourself for the future; will assist you in how to deal with things that will will likely occur in a more beneficial and efficient way.

It is within everyone's capacity as humans to learn and grow from all the things that have happened to date, not only to onesself but also to others. Like a mirror reflecting your image, so your life reflects what you really are, what you think about and desire the most.

Taking the time within a busy schedule to reflect is always beneficial. Life is full of hustle and bustle, rushing here and rushing there; time seems to just pass by so fast before you know it time will have run out. Yet, if you don't stop, listen and reflect upon what has been and what you want for the future, the sands of time will leave you as dust blowing in the wind.

This life is your chance to be whatever you may desire, to pursue the things that have meaning specifically for you; to dance upon the stage of space and time, to be mortal and to relish in the glory of the moment.

The realisation that perceptions can and do create illusions that can mask the true reality that should exist with one this is being experienced; or twist reality in some way beyond it's true meaning or purpose.

It is always wise to stay grounded, not letting the illusions created by society or by others to influence you in any way, especially negitively. It is possible to have your reality hijacked, either maliciously or even unitentionally. Any outside influence or interference of any type in your life experience that is not desired constitutes the intrusion into your experienced reality.

Modern society is selfish by its very nature, people rarely consider others, or the impact of their actions upon the general state of reality. The focus is usually upon satisfying the self, irrespective of any impact or effect this may have upon others who are trapped within that zone of influence.

It is through realization of the way things are that the option to take evasive action is possible; that enables the potential to avoid being trapped by the will and actions of other. The clear understanding of what is real or actual, as well as what is an illusion or false state of afairs is the ability that will enable the corrective action to avoid being sucked into the whirling cycle of a life controlled by the demands of others.

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