Life Flows

Our life energy flows in endless supply, freely available to all who realise this fact. We can easily tap into this energy flow whenever we care to, there is no limit or rules beyond those you impose upon yourself, you can use as much energy you care to for whatever purpose you like.

Energy is available in many forms, mental, physical, or spiritual. These energies can be directed towards or used for whatever purpose you see fit; to create or destroy, to communicate or heal, to grow either mentally and or spiritually; the uses are as endless as you imagination.

Energy levels can be increased by improving our attitude, apathy being one primary cause of natural energy loss; by staying highly positive we can increase then maintain good energy levels at all times. Spiritual imbalances can also cause energy to be impaired. The meditative means to absorb energy from our higher spirit is the most stable way to obtain pure energy. The most unreliable means of increasing energy is to steal or absorb energy from other living things because the energy could be impure. 

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