Each of us seek enlightenment in some way or other, we all try to make the best of this life in a way we personally see fit, some focusing on the spiritual while others focus on the material. While the spiritual seems a noble and the most logical or true path to follow, are those who seek materialism less worthy, less likely to achieve whatever their concept of heaven will be. Or is heaven just that, finding what we seek no matter what that may be, no matter how righteous, no matter how materialistic, we, each of us, can arrive at the same destination which is basically an accumulation of our own personal dreams, desires, wants and longings.

The clear perception of the truth and knowledge must be enlightenment, freeing ourselves from the chains of ignorance, the superstitions or prejudices the are born within us during life, to return to a true state of consciousness unencumbered by the needs and requirements of society, free from the demands of life, what we have been conditioned to believe is true, what we have been indoctrinated into feeling, thinking, wanting, desiring.

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